It’s 2016! Time to ring in the new year and bring on a new look. Check out a few of our tips for a new interior design in 2016. And if you need the perfect piece to complete your look, be sure to check out the Darren Gygi Home Collection.

Tip #1 – Unity

If your home or apartment is currently a crazy mix of designs, brands, and style, try tying it all together with a similar color. By making just one unifying item you can do a lot to bring your home design together.


Tip #2 – Update Inexpensively

If things like the kitchen table, cabinets, office desk, or floors are looking drab and worn down give them an uplift with a good scrub down and a new finish.

Have lamps or lighting that looks old and outdated? Give them a new look with a white bulb and a dimmer; now you can choose how bright the room is at different times of the day or year.


Tip #3 – Paint Half the Wall

This not only saves time and energy, it gives the room a unique statement wall. And as a tip within a tip, this doesn’t have to be bright color; you can have a simple grey and white two-toned wall.


Tip #4 – Paint the Backs of the Shelves

Normally, people wouldn’t even notice the backside of a shelf because it is so tucked away, but by picking one bright accent color for a room and painting the backs of the shelves that color, you bring a whole new look to the room.


Tip #5 – Wallpaper The Closet Door

Add fun wallpaper to your closet doors to make them more interesting. This is a great way to turn just a typical bedroom into something more: a guest room, an office, a craft room, etc.


 Tip #6 – Liven a Room with Plants

Live plants are a great addition to the corners of rooms. They not only give a sense of life and beauty, but they help purify the air in the room. Added bonus!


Tip #7 – Brighten a Room With Mirrors

Mirrors help bounce the light around the room and make it feel brighter. They can also make a small room feel larger.


 Tip #8 – Scale Your Art to Your Wall

If you have a large wall the worst thing to do is hang a dinky little painting up high. Hang your paintings at eye level and scale them to the wall; if you have a large wall get an oversized painting, if you have a small wall get one or two smaller paintings.


 #9 – Hang a Theme

Pick a wall or a room to theme and hang art that captures that theme in a module style. Keep the edges tidy and form a rectangle or square of art on the wall.


Tip #10 – Bring the Outdoors In

A popular style for an entryway is done by bringing elements of the outdoors in. Use a strong glue to stick a smooth stone to the ends of coat racks. Use leaf and vine wallpaper as accents. Hang nature inspired art. Have your children or roommates paint their name and doodles on rocks and pile them near the entryway.