Original Design

Three essential elements combine to make the Darren Gygi Home Collection giclee prints the best home decor artwork product available anywhere.

First, of course, is the artwork itself. Simply stated, Gygi’s paintings are of the highest quality. With a background in traditional, high-end portraiture and years of experience in fine art gallery painting, Gygi approaches each Home Collection painting as a masterpiece in waiting. The artist’s process begins with extensive visual research, followed by careful lighting and layout of the subject, and finally, skillful execution and masterful rendering on each painting that he creates.

After digitally capturing the artwork, the high-resolution file is put to use as giclee prints are reproduced onto high quality canvas. These canvas prints are then prepared for gallery-wrapping (where the artwork wraps around the outside of a frame), and shipment to the customer. From the beginning, Gygi developed a new style of gallery-wrapping that ensures a tight and accurate “wrap” over a solid wooden frame–– made from genuine knotty alder wood.

The unique, solid nature of Gygi’s frames gives the artwork a permanence and durability that is striking. What’s more, this entire “wrapping” process is executed without a single staple, peg, or nail––a seamless and cutting-edge approach on which the artist has a patent pending. When someone holds in their hands a piece from the Darren Gygi Home Collection, the quality and durability of the product are overwhelming. Often customers remark that the quality of construction makes the back of the artwork as beautiful as the front. In short, Gygi’s artwork has the level of quality to last for years and allow you to hand it down to your children.

Lastly, the Darren Gygi Home Collection is known for its top-tier customer service. You will always interact with a friendly and professional member of the artist’s team. Gygi stands behind his product completely, and because of his unique production approach there is never a back-order, never a discontinued item, and never an issue that Gygi and his team won’t resolve effectively and promptly. You have his word.

Durable & Strong

Darren Gygi makes every effort to produce his home decor artwork with the highest quality possible. Throughout the process––from the creative conception, to the first strokes of paint, to the final production and shipment––Darren Gygi carefully provides the most beautiful, yet durable, home decor artwork available anywhere. Gygi has employed rigorous world-class production techniques and standards––as well as the highest quality materials––to ensure that every piece of the Darren Gygi Home Collection meets his approval. And the end result means that each giclee print is as durable as it is beautiful. See for yourself how Gygi’s amazing artwork will enhance the beauty of your home, office, or other living space.

High Quality

Production quality is a cornerstone characteristic of the Darren Gygi Home Collection. From the outset, the artist was determined to not only paint beautiful and iconic still-life masterpieces, but, at the same time, to create and oversee the production, assembly, and shipping processes that would ensure the highest quality home decor artwork ever produced. In short, when customers see and hold the artwork in person, they are stunned by the unsurpassed quality and beauty in their hands.

Because Darren Gygi is the owner of his own production company, control over the quality of the product remains solely with the artist. This unique and superior production method results in an impressive, versatile, and affordable collection of artwork.