Darren Gygi’s strength as an artist lies in his ability to approach any subject and paint it in virtually any style. As you browse through the Home Collection, you’ll see every visual topic covered—from flowers and birds to vintage toys. If Darren can see it, he can paint it.

Until now, the entire line of available images has been very painterly and dimensional, with lots of rich brushstrokes. This style has worked well in creating a line of timeless home décor pieces that carry a classic, vintage feel. Darren’s traditional style of painting has gained a cult following and turned our customers into collectors.

We are excited to introduce you to a set that totally reinvents the Darren Gygi Home Collection: the Elegant Elephants!

Darren painted this set specifically for the more on-trend customer who is decorating less for the ever-changing short term. The Elegant Elephants are designed to incorporate trends seen all over and allow you to keep up with quickly changing styles at an affordable price. Each elephant features bright colors, flat and graphic shapes, and large patterns that appeal to more modern tastes.

Whether you’re designing a nursery for that bun you’ve got in the oven, looking for the perfect dorm room décor for your niece who is starting college, or just craving a fresh look for your own space, the Elegant Elephants are sure to hit the spot. These bright, minimalistic images are the perfect decorating solution to keep your home on-trend and current with every style that inspires you.