There are many reasons why Easter is one of our favorite holidays, but #1 is that we absolutely love decorating for Easter: spring flowers, spring colors, and the smell of a new season in the air.  What could be better? We know that one important part of your Easter holiday is going to be that delicious Easter dinner you will enjoy with your family. Even better than the delectable honey-baked ham, your tablescape is sure to be beautiful. We want to help get you on your way to decorating your table for Easter, so here are 4 steps to the perfect Easter tablescape!

Step #1: Choose the Perfect Color Scheme

Contrary to popular belief, Easter doesn’t just have to mean pastel colors. Sure, they are beautiful, but sometimes it can be fun to live outside the norm. Here you can see a color scheme of bright florals and accents of gold finish.

Another unique color option is to mix greens and oranges with burlap accents. We know, we know, burlap doesn’t really count as a color, but it definitely works with your theme!

And just so we throw one typical color scheme in there, we are having all the heart eyes over this beautiful pastel blue and natural wood theme.

Step #2: Plan Your Centerpiece

The centerpiece is going to be the most important aspect of your final design, so you want to be sure it is exactly what you want. We have a few ideas that could help you mix it up.

This example is both convenient and creative, and the perfect solution for anyone who’s limited on table space! Just by adding some simple decoration to your chandelier, you can make your already perfect dinner table Easter-ready!

This next example is perfect for those who are already planning to purchase some Easter flowers. All you have to do is purchase a few plastic Easter eggs in your color scheme and Viola! The perfect unique centerpiece for the best price!

Another Easter-Bunny-friendly idea is to just incorporate carrots into your floral arrangement. The price is right, and we’re thinking the Easter Bunny will approve of that decorating decision!

Step #3: Set The Plates

Even though your place settings won’t stay put for long, it’s still important to add a little flair to them. On the other hand, you don’t want to put in too much effort, because chances are they don’t last more than 10 minutes!

We love the idea of adding a simple nest or exposed wood as a placemat for your plate, like this image where the plates are set on “slices” of wood, and the cups are resting on beautiful hand-crafted nests.

And don’t forget to break out the pretty utensils! In the picture below the designer added some gorgeous gold-finished silverware. (Or feel free to use your current silverware, just don’t forget to keep your color scheme in mind!)

Another crafty idea is to create a bunny with your napkin. This is a simple way to add a little bit of fun to your formal dinner party.  And it makes you look like Martha Stewart.

Step #4: Watch Your Seat

The final touch to your perfect Easter dinner lies with your chairs. Most people forget about the chairs, and they are usually left out of a tablescape, but they can be the perfect place to add cute details. Usually, these last touches won’t break the bank either!

For those of you going for a more rustic touch to your dinner, you can add these cute little bunny tails to the backs of your chairs. Very cute, very cheap, and very easy to create.

If you are going to be adding carrots to your centerpiece, than coordinate your chair to match! This cute design just adds some burlap and felt carrots to the back of the chair. To make it even easier, you could just add a few real carrots. And when dinner is over, you can always feed the leftover carrots to the dog!  (Fun fact: dogs LOVE carrots!  Also, carrots help your eyesight.  Toss a few to Fido and crunch a few yourself!)

Well there you have it:  some fun, simple ways that you can make your Easter dinner perfect! Now we just have to figure out how to cook the ham!