For some people, home is where the heart is, where memories are created, or where love resides. But for us at the Darren Gygi Home Collection, home is where the WiFi connects automatically and the fridge is full of enough snacks to get us through a Netflix marathon. Which is why your kitchen needs to look as awesome as your midnight snack tastes. Read on for our guide to making your kitchen look like you put more effort into decorating than you did choosing a rom-com to watch.


Do what you do best and think about your favorite foods. Craving warm French Country bread? Check. Fresh strawberries? Double check. An entire wheel of warm brie? We’ve got that too (and we won’t judge you for eating it in one sitting). Treat the Home Collection like your own private buffet and drop everything your belly desires into the shopping cart. We’ll deliver it straight to your door with no shipping costs and no need to change out of your sweatpants.

Instant Organization

The best way to trick guests into thinking you’ve got your life together and own pants that don’t have elastic in the waistband is to eliminate clutter before it begins. Long story short: label everything. Visitors will think that you have impeccable decorating taste and always put everything back where it belongs as soon as you’re done using it. You’ll be the only one who knows that the labels are really just a means of getting to the ingredients for cinnamon-and-sugar toast as fast as humanly possible when the craving kicks in.

Grow Up

Nah, we’re not telling you to get a job or put a ring on it and settle down (although settling down on the couch with a box of Girl Scout cookies sounds pretty good right now). But one of the most satisfying ways to feel like you’re adulting like a pro is to raise plants. Most of the internet claims that succulents are best for people with a black thumb, but to be honest, we have a really hard time keeping succulents alive indoors. Our official, Gygi-certified recommendation is to go for herbs. Sweet basil, rosemary, lavender, sage, and thyme are easy to keep alive, smell amazing, and purify the air. And if you ever decide to consume something other than takeout, you’ll have a great variety of fresh herbs at your fingertips. Save your pasta sauce bottles, get a few Mason jars from your mom, or scour your local thrift store for glassware. Just about anything that can hold dirt will work, even if it’s not fancy—you’ll give off the “Oh, I just tossed seeds into a jar and this gigantic aromatic forest burst forth with hardly any effort on my part” vibe.

Make your kitchen look like it belongs to someone who brushed their hair today with the effortless style of the Darren Gygi Home Collection. (Now get back to that rerun of Gilmore Girls, you perfectly-functional adult!)