Trending: flesh tones! Whaaaat? Did that make you do a double take? We sure did! Flesh tones? That doesn’t sound like a very appealing way to decorate AT. ALL.

According to Tom Mirabile, a color trend expert and contributing editor for Pantone, consumers are longing for more personal connection—rather than a digital connection—and will display that in their decorating. Mirabileinsists that “flesh tones convey a sense of human warmth and will be popular in 2019.”

Still not convinced? Neither were we until we took a closer look at what Crayola has to offer. If you bought a box of “multicultural” crayons, you’d get a collection of the following colors: apricot, black, burnt sienna, mahogany, peach, sepia, tan, and white! Now those are some flesh tones we can get behind! Add in a little blush and you’ve got a lovely, soothing color wheel from which to decorate!

And personal connection? We’re good with that decorating concept—as long as we don’t have to refer to it as “flesh tone decorating.”  Maybe we can call these colors “connection colors” instead. That definitely sounds more appealing!

So, how can YOU incorporate more “connection colors” into your home?

Here are three ideas to create 3 different, on-trend decorating “connections” in your home incorporating Darren Gygi Home Collection products. And even better—they’re simple, affordable, and demonstrate that a little love can make a lot of difference!

This look is easy to achieve! Group pots of mini succulents on a shelf or windowsill. Hang a cotton stem wreath on an outdoor (or indoor!) door to add some interest! Display some terra cotta pots with artificial peonies or ranunculus on your kitchen table or island. Add in the Cotton Stem artwork from the Darren Gygi Home Collection on one of our beautiful easels, and you’ve got a tabletop display you can be proud of.

Finally, add a chunky knit throw in a cream or blush on the couch or your favorite chair, and you’ve got a room ready to wrap up in!

This look is a little bit farmhouse, and a little bit rustic.

Grab some whitewashed or rustic-looking candleholders in different heights for an eye-catching display. They don’t even need candles—unless YOU want them! Fill some galvanized metal or tin pots with artificial wild flowers or grasses. Coordinated pieces like these can be tucked into shelves, bookcases, or prominently displayed on a tabletop!

Display the Peony from the Darren Gygi Home Collection on top of a cake stand! Add a little greenery around the bottom, and you’ve got a gorgeous centerpiece for your coffee or kitchen table!


And, finally,

This final look has some modern elements mixed in with a few provincial pieces.

Start with a tray you can’t live without—it could be metal or reclaimed wood. Fill it with some pillar candles, a potted plant or two, and a 5×5 inch or 9×9 inch Honeybee from the Darren Gygi Home Collection. That’s a centerpiece that will create some buzz—that’s for sure!

Display a mercury glass vase or two with artificial Pussywillows, or other branches and blossoms that appeal to you!

Decorate with a sleek lantern, and maybe an elegant Swan figurine, and you’ve got the perfect elements to update your décor to something stunning!


These looks, together with your own ideas, are sure to help you jump on the flesh-tone—er, connection trend! Did you try it out? If so, send us your pictures and we’ll post them right on our site!