From The Artist’s Studio To Your Home

In 2008, Darren Gygi used his skills as a gallery and portrait artist to develop an affordable, high-quality home decor artwork line. The Darren Gygi Home Collection has now grown to over five hundred different images (in five different sizes!) in every theme imaginable: seasonal and holiday; kitchen; nautical/lake; western; plants and flowers; farm; sports; Halloween; Christmas; etc. Creative combinations are limitless as you mix and match pieces to fit your unique space.

Versatility Is Endless

Until now, homeowners typically purchased a single, expensive piece of artwork to hang prominently over a couch or mantel. The Darren Gygi Home Collection changes all that. Now, stunning artwork is affordable enough to purchase for every room, with limitless combinations to mix and match from the various sets and sizes.


Darren Gygi’s durable artwork is constructed with solid wood and museum-grade canvas right here in the USA. The sleek finish of the artwork is not only beautiful, but will also stand the test of time.

Display Ideas

Here’s where the fun really begins! With five different sizes of artwork available, the decorating possibilities are endless. Try pairing smaller sizes on either side of a larger central image. Create a grid of pieces in a coordinating theme, or design an all-Gygi gallery wall. However you choose to display your artwork, you can’t go wrong with the Darren Gygi Home Collection.

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