It’s time for a décor update.  You already know that! But, where to start?  Don’t worry!  We’ve got you covered!

Here are 14 EASY décor tips (featuring the Darren Gygi Home Collection) that you can very quickly incorporate into your space!

Make your bathroom feel like a get-away with additions like fluffy towels, chunky bars of soap, nice-smelling products, etc. Who wouldn’t want to spend a little R&R in your own personal spa?⁣⠀

Decor tip 2


Think of produce as decor! (We certainly do! ?) Pile pretty bowls full of bright-colored fruits around your kitchen for a fun pop of color. (The only problem–you’ve got to replenish your decor as you eat it! ???.) Or, save the repeat shopping trips and pick up our Citrus Set. We like to make it easy. You’re welcome!

To make your space feel more “homey”–add a few plants! (Faux or real–both work wonders!)

Tip 4

If the color of the walls in your main living space are muted or understated, go BIG and BOLD in a hallway—with vivid color and big artwork!

Tip 5

To make your space completely your own, combine different decorating styles—like this bedroom that’s a little bit modern and a little bit boho!

Tip 6

Keep your wall color light to make a small space feel bigger! Love color like we do? (We’re kind of over the all-white everything,?.) Use a shade you love at half or quarter-strength to keep it colorful AND light!⠀

Tip 7

Always make your bed. ‘Nuff said!

Tip 8

Edit your countertop by 90% for a clean, stress-free-looking kitchen!⁠⠀
⁠This is a nice thought, but is it even possible?
If you got rid of ONE thing on your kitchen countertop, what would it be?

Tip 9

Scale artwork to your wall! Few things look more awkward than artwork that is too small for the space! Get creative and layer or group several pieces together to make more out of less!

Tip 10

Lean your artwork—on your mantle, on a half-wall, on a shelf–instead of hanging it! It’s not only on-trend, but makes it very easy to move pieces around. And, hey–no nail holes!⁠

Tip 11

To avoid making your home feel too staged, try something quirky! Pick a unique pattern, color, or texture—in a pillow, a throw, or in artwork—and incorporate it into your existing decor! You’ll get an instant refresh that’s all your own!

Tip 12

You already know that sustainable decor is in! If you haven’t purchased any sustainable décor to this point, now’s your chance! The Darren Gygi Home Collection is HANDMADE of the highest-quality materials (so it will last for years and years) right here in the USA! How many companies can say that?⁠⠀

Tip 13

Don’t skimp on comfort! Fun throws and oversized pillows are a great way to encourage guests (and yourself!) to make themselves at home!


Add some black to every room. It will add contrast and interest.

Well, there you have it! 14 quick and easy decorating ideas that you can adapt to fit your personal space and style! Which is your favorite?