Wall decor: it’s always a decorating staple, and in 2023 it will be no different.  If you’re looking to update your artwork this year, here are five trends you’ll want to consider. 

1. Dark, moody walls with complementary art.

Dark walls imply sophistication, and they’re certainly all the rage in a home office, kitchen, or even a bedroom. Walls with rich color make a nice backdrop/display for a substantial piece of art and even give new life to the artwork you currently have on display. 



2. Botanical Art

It’s no surprise that botanical artwork is popular this year. Homeowners are moving towards natural, organic materials with interesting textures as they decorate their space. Botanical artwork captures the simplicity of nature, and subtle green is a wonderful complement to almost any color.




3. Mustard-colored artwork

Inspired, perhaps, by the natural elements that homeowners are embracing, deep-yellow artwork does double-duty: it makes a statement and gets out of the way. This trend is a lovely addition to any room in the house.




4. Gallery Walls

This popular trend is still going strong and allows you to incorporate all your favorites in one place on one wall. Mix and match artwork of similar theme and shape, or intersperse interesting objects between your favorite wall art.


Butterflies and Bugs


5. Retro Styles

We’re returning to the past in 2023 with the innocence of previous generations. Choose artwork in appealing themes that pay homage to a time when technology, transportation, and entertainment were simpler.



Regardless of your preferred decorating style, these 2023 art trends should fit in nicely. And because most of them incorporate neutrals, these trends have got some serious staying power. Happy decorating!