And every year you want to show her how much you love and respect her when her special day rolls around each May.  And every year it gets a little harder to come up with something special that she will love SO much.  Well, never fear!  We’ve got you covered.  Here are a few gift ideas for five different types of moms that will get your wheels turning and will show Mom how much you love her.


This cute mom is experiencing her first few Mother’s Days with cuddly babies or toddlers by her side. 

She is darling and very tired. She would love a few minutes to herself and she would love some good adult conversation. 

Give her a gift certificate to a spa. Or, better yet, give her two! Then she can take a friend and chat while they have their feet pampered with a pedicure!


Cupcake & Flower Truck Canvas Art Prints

This mom also loves to decorate her growing household.  She is working to establish traditions with her little family and would love to combine the two with either of these two cute canvas art prints from the Darren Gygi Home Collection. She can pull out the Cupcake to celebrate the birthdays of each member of the family, or she can use the Flower Truck to add to her spring/summer decor.


Time For Class

This mom has some years of experience under her belt.  The kids are growing and they are busy with activities and school and friends and fun.  She is in a groove and she knows how to make the household run well.  She has a little more freedom to chat with girlfriends,

but she is so busy that she doesn’t take a lot of time for herself.  She’s so focused making sure the kids are expanding their talents, that she doesn’t take time to expand her own. This girl needs a hobby!

Sign her up for a class of some type–painting, flower-arranging, dance, etc. She will learn something new and will love you for it!


This girl also likes to decorate, but she’s often thinking of her kids first.  So, give her a few fun pieces from the Darren Gygi Home Collection that are perfect for the kids’ rooms!


This mom has a lot to think about.  Her teens are learning how to make their own choices; planning for college; navigating dating, friends, driving, and difficult classes.  This mom has a lot on her mind and she would like a break! 

Distract her with a vacation.  A relaxing beach vacay is ideal, but, if that’s not a possibility, one night away will do!


If one night away is just too hard to schedule, then go ahead and help her dream of a beach trip with beach-themed art from the Darren Gygi Home Collection!



This mom has a little more time for herself, and she’s been able to devote some time to her hobbies and interests. But, she misses you, and she’d love to spend time with you doing something fun.  So, grab some theater tickets and 

schedule a “date night” for the two of you!  Theater isn’t her thing?  

Take in a concert with one of her favorite bands.  They’re bound to be touring in a city near you.


She’d also love some home decor art.  How about some flowers for her bathroom?  Or grab some lodge prints for the family cabin or lake house.


And then there’s the retired mom.  She’s feeling at odds with all of the time on her hands, and while she doesn’t need anything material, she’d love to know how you’ve influenced her life.  Write her a poem, compose a song for her, or just tell her all the ways that you love her!


Immortalize her with a beautiful sentiment that will never wilt. . . the Inspirational & Uplifting Peony from the Darren Gygi Home Collection. 

This beautiful scripture highlights the many people who are influenced by the wonderful woman you call “Mom,” and is a perfect tribute to the woman who raised you!

Moms–both seasoned and new–need to be celebrated this May!  Hopefully, this gift guide will help you plan a Mother’s Day to remember. Incorporate any or all of these ideas to show Mom who thoughtful you really are. (She doesn’t need to know you had some help from us!)  And, to all the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day from the Darren Gygi Home Collection!