Spring has sprung, as they say, and if you’re like us, you’re ready for a refresh! You crave a new wardrobe, lighter food, and a fresh-looking home. We’d love to give you some fashion tips and share our favorite light recipes, but since we ARE a decor website (yes, there’s that), we probably ought to stick to what we do best–decor advice for all. So, with that in mind, here are some tips on how to update your home for springtime without breaking the bank.

So. . . where do you start? Well, we’ve always held to the philosophy that you should stick to an underlying decorating style (that would be YOUR underlying decorating style) and then incorporate trends here and there where appropriate. In other words, make the trends work for YOU. That way you can make small changes–paint a wall, swap out a small piece of furniture, modernize your throw pillows, etc.–that aren’t time-consuming or expensive, but give you that updated look you are craving. And we’re convinced that the following hot trends will work with ANY style–farmhouse, eclectic, modern, classic, white-on-white (on-white-on-white; you get the idea!) and in ANY size home. You can rock these styles whether you live in a cozy little apartment with very little space to turn around or whether you have a bedroom closet the size of a small guest suite. Keep reading to discover the hot trends for spring 2018! Then, grab the ones that are the most appealing, and make them your own!

Here are three HOT trends for spring this year that we just couldn’t let pass us by!

Jewel Tones!

Jewel tones? Yup! Wasn’t that so five minutes ago? Like so last fall? Nope! They’re here to stay (at least for this year!). But, they’re bold, they’re bright, and they are NOT for the faint of heart. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate them into your living space.

A statement wall. In the picture below, less is more because that fuschia wall color dominates your eye! This might be a good option if you have furniture with simple lines and neutral colors. (But, on the other hand, this color does draw the eye, so if you have furniture that you’d rather guests didn’t notice, well, maybe you want a bold wall after all!)

If you’re not ready for something that commanding, take those jewel tones down a notch! Use the rich colors in a more muted way.

b. Instead of a statement wall, introduce statement accessories!

In this picture, we’ve kept the walls neutral, and the accents subtle–half-strength or “pastel jewel tones,” if you will. And, didn’t you hear? Pink is the hot color right now! Pick a shade you love–baby pink, blush, rose, etc.–and make it work for you! (And look at those lovely canvas art prints from our flower collections! Aren’t those just the PERFECT touch?)

If you’ve got all the jewel tones you need, or if you prefer to stay neutral (hello, Switzerland!), you may want to try the next trend of spring 2018 which is

2. The Bold Floral Print

To really welcome in spring, go big with a dramatic floral print. If you’re in a very daring mood, try a floral settee like this one from RC Willey. No question that this will grab your guests’ attention!
Make it yours!

If this cute almost-loveseat is too loud for you, try florals in more soothing colors, like this lovely floral dining chair? You can get two right here!

Now that’s an unforgettable look!

If you’re craving change but you don’t want to be married to it, again take the more subtle approach with pieces that are easy to mix and match–a floral print pillow, some accent decor (like the top storage box in this picture) and of course, some canvas art prints from the Darren Gygi Home Collection.

This option gives you the trendiness without the commitment. Which brings us to our third and final spring trend:

3. Black and White.

What? Black and White? For spring? We did a double-take too! Although it seems counterintuitive and more like a fall theme, the black and white trend feels clean and streamlined. And aren’t we all craving a little bit of that simplicity and order? Black and white 

can also be paired with any color, which makes it easy to work with the colors you’ve already got going on.

And, just like the jewel-tone trend and the bold-floral trend, you can go big or go understated–whichever works best for you.

And no, you don’t have to change your entire house to black and white! Make black and white work with what you already have. Start, for example, with some fun linens, like these from Crate and Barrel . These will pair well with yellows, light greens, reds, turquoise, and even a jewel tone or two!
Buy them here!

Or, this fun table runner from Zazzle.
This runner is all the things: interesting, subtle, and on-trend!
Grab it now!

Or, take an even easier route and grab some of our canvas giclee prints in black and white! The Timeless Technology set is perfect for a home office, command center, or playroom! And these pieces look great with both a pop of color, or a neutral palette.

Well, there you have it! Go jewel tones, go big floral prints, go black and white, or go home!

You are now an expert on all the 2018 spring trends! Pick your favorite, or–if you’re that kind of person–mix it up with all three! Dazzle your friends with your design style, because you and your space are rockin’ it!