* Although Darren has no medical degree whatsoever, he considers his initials (D.R. Gygi) to give him all the authority he needs to be an expert on just about everything!

Dr. Darren, all of your artwork in the Home Collection is so great, I’m having a hard time deciding what to buy. Is there any of it YOU don’t like? Maybe that will help me make my decision. –Robert Larsen, Idaho

Robert, thanks for the compliment! I appreciate that you like my art. You know, I’m really happy with the Home Collection, but there are a few things I don’t like—and I’m glad you asked. I DON’T like skinny jeans. Who invented those? Put them on women—terrible. Put them on men—worse. I’m not a fan. I also don’t like stuffed peppers. Have you ever smelled those as they are cooking? You get a headache just from walking by the oven while the peppers are in there. Don’t invite me to dinner and serve me stuffed peppers. I’m a pretty polite person, but I just don’t think I could gag those down.

Dr. Darren, you say that your frames are made of alder wood instead of the pine frames sold by many canvas art companies. Why alder? What’s the advantage? –Julia Blimington, Rhode Island

Julia, there are many advantages to using alder wood. First of all, it’s from the birch family. And birch trees are just really cool! But alder is also a hardwood. That means that it’s really good for making furniture—tables, desks, bookcases, etc.—because it doesn’t scratch easily. But we don’t make furniture at the Darren Gygi Home Collection; we make art. But we’ve found that alder is the perfect hardwood to keep our quality artwork look and feel even more quality! Also, fun fact: some types of alder can be eaten. So, in a pinch, you can nibble on your artwork if you need something to tide you over!

Dr. Darren, as an aspiring artist, what kind of diet should I be following for maximum results? –Jeff Bradford, Pennsylvania

Well, Jeff, what kind of results are you looking for? If you want to bulk up, you should eat a diet high in protein along with participating in a weight-lifting program. If you want to lose weight, you should eat a diet high in protein along with participating in a weight-lifting program. If you want to paint better, you should eat a diet high in protein along with participating in a weight-lifting program. There are lots of options for lots of different types of results. Do these things and you should be painting and producing fine art faster than you can shove a stuffed pepper down the garbage disposal. Also, remember not to start any type of diet or exercise program until you get clearance from your doctor.