What’s the first place you visit in the morning and the last one you leave at night? Yep, we’re talking about the baño, the porcelain throne, the commode. Today, it’s all about bathroom décor and wall art. Since the bathroom is so small and has only a select few uses, it’s easy to dismiss when you’re thinking about decorating. And we get that. Why focus on the bathroom when there are bigger spaces waiting for your attention? Here’s the thing: the only thing worse than rolling out of bed to go to work early in the morning is rolling out of bed knowing that the first 30 minutes of your day are going to be spent in the most neglected space in the house.

Set the mood for your entire day by converting your bathroom from a sad backstage cave of dirty cosmetics to a brilliant little empire of gorgeousness that will empower you to take charge of your entire day.

Most bathrooms look miserably average, like a beige mess of rental apartment furnishings. Add a little color and a lot of character to the space with a fresh coat of high-gloss paint to fight mildew. Feeling adventurous? Wallpaper is back and better than ever. Permanent and removable versions are available, if you’re a bit commitment-shy or have a finicky landlord.

Find yourself a color scheme to work within, but don’t treat it like wedding colors. Matching too much looks juvenile, while a broader palette keeps design consistent without looking like you’re trying too hard. We love this bathroom that uses a spread of neutral tones to establish an earthy feel. Or, pick a theme and go from there!

Are you reading this on your phone? As you’re sitting on the toilet? (Hey, no shame here! We all do it!) If so, look down at your feet. That old, matted rug that matches your fuzzy toilet seat cover has to go. The fastest way to make your bathroom grow up without using any power tools is to get a rug that’s worth showing off. Find a rug that you love and it will anchor the entire space.

Functional storage is one of the easiest ways to improve your bathroom décor and design. There’s only one rule: display what you love and hide the rest. Try showcasing some cute knick-knacks and then sprinkle jars holding cotton swabs or mouthwash among your tchotchkes. Hide your makeup and medicine in unconventional containers that make you smile whenever you open them.

And don’t forget the walls! Artwork from the Darren Gygi Home Collection makes perfect bathroom wall décor. Although it isn’t a good idea to display canvas art outside, ours holds up wonderfully against bathroom humidity. 

Final touches: Adding a few indoor plants on the floor or on a shelf is an easy way to bring the outside in and freshen up the space. Ditch your dingy metal towel racks and go for eclectic knobs or even repurposed wooden hangers. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, open up the space with vintage mirrors on the walls against a dark charcoal paint.

Let your bathroom become a space that looks beautiful and makes you feel amazing as you get ready to tackle each day—whatever the day may bring! With a little effort, you’ll find that your most-visited room is also your most favorite room!